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From the Vault: Aaliyah Try Again


This week’s From the Vault entry comes from R&B princess Aaliyah.

We decided to dust ourselves off and ‘Try Again‘. The aforementioned track ‘Try Again‘ was released as single from the ‘Romeo Must Die Soundtrack‘, a film which the laid star also starred in.

The single debuted at number fifty eight the week of March 18, 2000. It later soared to number one the week of June 17, 2000.

The feat was not only awesome, but historic—the track became the first song in the history of Billboard to reach number one based solely on the strength of its radio airplay. The track peaked in the top five of multiple countries:

  1. United States – #1
  2. The Netherlands – #3
  3. Norway – #5
  4. United Kingdom – #5
  5. Germany – #5
  6. Belgium – #5

Watch the awesome music video below:

Bow Down! Beyonce Album Sales Surpass 550K


Via Billboard:

“Beyonce’s surprise self-titled album is all but guaranteed a No. 1 debut on the Billboard 200 chart this week. Industry sources suggest its sales have grown to over 550,000 in the U.S. through Saturday (14) night. The album may sell 600,000 by the end of the tracking week on Sunday, Dec. 15.

“Beyonce’s” expected debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, along with its official Nielsen SoundScan sales figure (through the end of the tracking week on Dec. 15), will be revealed mid-week.

The album bowed — without any pre-release announcement — in the iTunes Store at midnight EST on Friday morning, Dec. 13. None of its songs are available a la carte (which is likely helping encourage full album purchases). The 14-song set is selling for $15.99 and additionally comes with 18 music videos. 14 of those are for each of the album’s songs.

“Beyonce,” which is exclusively available through the iTunes Store until Dec. 20, sold 430,000 through Friday night, and then another 120,000 or so on Saturday.”

Analysis Of: Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry And Lady Gaga Sales


The sale figures for Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP‘ has been a constant topic of conversation.

Gaga wasn’t the only pop diva to release an album this quarter, so there’s been quite a lot of comparisons.

Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry have given Gaga a run for her money, this time around. This era hasn’t been the best for Gaga; her sales aren’t quite measuring up to the other ladies.

So, the term “FLOP” has been tossed around loosely in reference to her latest offering ‘ARTPOP‘.

In order to evaluate whether or not the album was a commercial failure I will first compare it to her previous release first — then compare it against the other ladies.


Album Sales:

– 660K debut (Without Amazon)

– 1.1M debut (With Amazon)

Total Album Sales: 2.3M

Single Sales:

  • Born This Way3.8M copies sold. *Number 1
  • The Edge Of Glory: 2.8M copies sold. *Number 3
  • You And I: 2.1M copies sold. *Number 6
  • Judas: 900K copies sold. *Number 10
  • Marry The Night: 500K copies sold. *Number 29

(*Peak positions on Billboard Hot 100)


Gaga‘s last release sold 1.1Milion first week, partially due to a hefty boost from Amazon. Amazon sold the album for 99cents and roughly 440K units were sold through the deal.

Even so, the album would have opened with 660K units sold, double the amount of  ‘ARTPOP‘s first week.

The sad thing is that although ‘Born This Way‘ opened with 1.1M the album only managed to sell 2.3M total. No where near a “Flop” in today’s standards, but the effort did show that Gaga has a problem with longevity.

Her first week sales always boosts her overall sales, so for ‘ARTPOP‘ to open so low is what concerns fans and critics alike in terms of how much the album will eventually go on to sale.


Single sales

  • Miley’s ‘Wrecking Ball‘: 3M copies. *Number 1 (Three Weeks)
  • Katy’s ‘Roar‘: 5M copies. *Number 1 (Four Weeks)
  • Gaga‘s ‘Applause‘: 2.3M sold. *Number 4

Single Sales Synopsis:

Each artist has released a total of two singles. I’ve displayed their highest charting and or best selling single above.

Of the three, Gaga remains the only artist not to have a single cross the 2M mark or have it top Billboard Hot 100.

Katy and Gaga released their singles on the same day but, within the first tracking week Katy Perry‘s ‘Roar‘ had already outsold Gaga‘s ‘Applause‘.’Roar‘ sold a whomping  550K units while ‘Applause‘ only sold 220K units.

To date ‘Applause‘ struggles behind ‘Roar‘ and ‘Wrecking Ball‘, failing to sell 2M units while falling out of the Billboard top ten, before any of the mentioned singles.

Album Sales:

MileyBangerz‘: 270K debut

KatyPRISM‘: 286K debut

Gaga ARTPOP‘: 258K debut

Black Friday Sales Increase:

Bangerz: 79K (+224% after 8 Weeks)

PRISM: 136K (+2376% after 6 Weeks)

ARTPOP: 116K (130% after 3 Weeks)

Total Album Sales:

Bangerz: 1.o5M

PRISM: 1.79M



Overall, Katy is winning. Her album is currently outselling both ‘Bangerz‘ and ‘ARTPOP‘, while her tune ‘Roar‘ has become the fastest selling single of the digital age. So, Congrats to you Katy you deserve it!


Message To Gaga:

Gaga’s sales aren’t bad, but the reason many are pointing the finger is because Interscope tried to push the album and it’s single’s down our throats. The label inked a magnitude of  deals in order to promote your latest offering but the public isn’t buying into it (literally).

No, Gaga your career isn’t over– but we hope the latest blow will knock your ego down a few pegs. Hopefully, one day soon your gimmicks won’t overshadow your true artistry.

You’re a great artist; you can sing live, dance and write — something the other two divas lack.

But, the public is fed up with your gimmicks. Your weird wigs, crazy clothes and silly antics have become dull.  Gaga you need to find yourself again, instead of trying to be “different” you need to be “Stefani Joanne Angelina” — the pop star the world fell in love with, and maybe the public will find interest in you again.

We wish you the best!

Lady Gaga: Pulls Out All The Stops To Prevent Flop Album


Lady Gaga seems afraid that her new album might tank, so she’s taken the proper precautions to ensure it’s “success”.

By, inking multiple deal to promote ‘ARTFLOPOP‘ Gaga has successfully made the public aware that the album exists. But, it seems as if the masses aren’t buying into it (pun intended).

While, the album rose to number one in most countries, it fell out of the top spot just as quickly .

Things aren’t all bad in the land of Gaga though, Billboard expects the album to move around 240-250K units and debut in the number one spot.

When you consider Gaga‘s last release moved somewhat of 1.1M copies during it’s first week, these numbers are abysmal. But,her previous release only sold that much because of Amazon’s 99cent deal, which sold roughly 400K copies.

This time is no different because Gaga is back up to her old tricks, pulling multiple Gimmicks in order to increase album sales.

A list of all the schemes the ‘ARTPOP‘ era has bring upon us already:

  • Clear Channel Deal (Via this venture, the album will be spun on 150 Clear Channel Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR), Rhythmic CHR, and Hot AC stations around the country)
  • Google Play: Unlike Amazon Google Play didn’t sell the album for 99cents but it didn’t cut the price in half. The albums now sales for $5.99 on Google Play
  • H &M Deal: The album will now be sold at H&M with a small discount, bringing the original price down to $9.95
  • ARTPOP Stores: Gaga has open multiple stores across New York and Los Angeles that exclusively sells the Album ($16) and T-shirts ($30). The stores will close after first week sales are in.
  • Applause Kia Soul Commercial: Despite teaming up with Kia to promote her lead single ‘Applause’ the single didn’t not reach the number spot on billboard and actually peaked at number four.
  • Posting Of A Endless Link of Applause: Gaga originally publicized a link which allowed users to watch the video 150 times in a row. Gaga was immediately called out my Billboard‘s Bill Werde for her questionable practices.
  • Do What You Want Dre Beats Commercial: Gaga attempted to promote her second single the same way she did the first, through television commercials. Despite constant promotion and the approval of many music critics the single has yet to debut in Billboards top ten.

Overall, it’s quit sad that after all of her promotional gimmicks Gaga isn’t outselling the other girls. Katy who sold 286K and Miley who sold 270K didn’t do as half as much promotion for their album releases.

Originally the albums was set to mirror the sales of Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Pink Friday‘, which debuted with 375K. The fact Gaga likely won’t outsell the debut effort of a female rapper is down right sad.

Eminem: Sales Predict Highest First Week Of The Year


Eminem‘s ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2‘ is predicted to bring in the highest first week sales this year, for any rap album . The LP is projected to sale around 700-750K. Sorry Drake. Sorry Hov.

Originally ‘Magna Carta‘ had the highest first week with sales of 528K, only to be bested by Drake’s ‘Nothing Was The Same‘ with sales of 658K.

Now that ‘Rap GodEminem is back in the arena, he’s ready to reclaim the throne lyrically and sales wise.

His latest single ‘The Monster‘ has already reached number one in several countries.

While in the US the single debuted at number three but is schedule to top the Billboard Hot 100 next week. Congrats Em!

Katy Perry: Prism Album Review + Sales Projections


Our dear Katy has definitely grown up since ‘Teenage Dream‘.

Prism has a much darker tone than her last release. Partially in response to her split with ex husband Russell Brand.

The album starts with lead single ‘Roar‘ and depending if you bought the standard or deluxe edition, ends with ‘By The Grace of God‘ or ‘Choose Your Battles‘ respectively.

Prism is filled with heart felt and introspective ballads, delivered by angelic vocals. Prism sees Katy trade in her idealistic ‘Teenage Dream‘ love for a more believable romance, further maturing the nature of this album.

On the track ‘Ghost‘ Katy paints a vivid picture of her ugly divorce from Brand, while on ‘By The Grace Of God‘ she details the effect the divorce has had on her personal life. And although the album is an arsenal of potential chart toppers, the album remains personally intimate.

The albums venerable moments peel back the curtain into the world of Katy, a world the ‘Part of Me‘ movie vaguely exposed.

Overall, the album leaves the listener wanting more… More secrets, more heart felt ballads, more world of Katy!

Album Highlights:

  • Roar
  • Dark Horse (Feat, Juicy J)
  • Unconditionally
  • Ghost
  • Love Me
  • By The Grace Of God



Prism is scheduled to sell around 275,000 to 300,000 copies by the end of the tracking week. Making this Katy‘s biggest first week for any album. Prism has just been an overall success for Katy.

Roar‘ has become her fastest selling single to date, and has already topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. ‘Both Walking On Air’ and ‘Dark Horse’ have debuted on top of iTunes without becoming singles. 2013 is definitely becoming the year of Katy!

Help Spread The Light By Purchasing The Album Here:




Rihanna’s Stay continues to SLAY!


Weeks after becoming 3X’s Platinum and snatching Halo’s wig for the highest selling ballad produced by an African American female, Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ is an inch closer to making history again.

Last year Rihanna became the only woman in history to win a VMA for ‘Video of The Year‘ twice! And now, she’s a few days away from possibly claiming the throne again for a third time. Rihanna‘s ‘Stay‘ is nominated for ‘Video of the Year’, find out if she wins Sunday!

Until then watch ‘Stay‘ below:


Lady Gaga: Drops New Video for ‘Applause’


So today Lady Gaga has dropped the first video from her upcoming studio album ‘Art Pop’. Unlike it’s title this track does not deserve, yet in fact a round of ‘Applause‘. 

Being that this is her third studio album one would have thought she would come with something a bit stronger to say the least, as her lead single. It’s probably equally as awful as the demo for ‘Aura‘ we heard released last week.

One thing I would like to point out is this… The crazy outfits and kooky videos, that originally made Gaga popular is now nothing more than just a page in pop culture history books. No one’s interested in that anymore.

And Gaga‘s counter parts (Katy Perry, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj) know this and have now taken on a more classic and casual look for their videos. It may seem as if Gaga messed the memo and is the only star who arrived to the kooky convention, that was canceled. So there she is dancing. Alone. On the kooky convention’s dance floor with no one around to hear ‘Applause‘.

So its no wonder as to why Gaga‘s new song isn’t doing spectacular on the charts despite being put into heavy rotation on radio alongside her heavy promo. Even with her appearance on GMA this morning the song now sits at number 7 on the US iTunes charts and is doing even worse on the UK charts.


With all that being said the video was great! Not as Iconic nor catchy as ‘Bad Romance‘ but great none the less. And if this video had indeed been released during the Kooky and Crazy era, critics would be calling it phenomenal. But because it doesn’t live up to the more simple and classic standard of music videos today their calling it ‘Lack Luster‘ and ‘Typical Gaga‘. You be the judge and