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Lady Gaga: Announces Release Date for her New Single — Perfect Illusion!

gagaAfter taking a brief hiatus from the world of pop, Mother Monster is back and ready to dominate the charts with her new single ‘Perfect Illusion‘. The track is set to arrive this Friday, September 9th.

This is the star’s first attempt at reclaiming her pop throne, after almost three years. Gaga released ‘Applause’ the lead single from her third album ‘ARTPOP’ August 12th 2013. While the track was well relieved by critics, the single was overlooked by the general public and struggled to make an impact on the charts. So say it was because the single was too much of a departure from her previous efforts, some say it was because ‘Katy Perry’ released her lead single ‘Roar’ and the exact same day.

The universe of pop is anxiously waiting to see which musical direction the single will take — and furthermore how the single will fair on the charts.

We at the Golden Grenade can’t wait to hear the Mark Ronson and Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) assisted track. Are you excited? *Paws Up*

From the Vault: Aaliyah Try Again


This week’s From the Vault entry comes from R&B princess Aaliyah.

We decided to dust ourselves off and ‘Try Again‘. The aforementioned track ‘Try Again‘ was released as single from the ‘Romeo Must Die Soundtrack‘, a film which the laid star also starred in.

The single debuted at number fifty eight the week of March 18, 2000. It later soared to number one the week of June 17, 2000.

The feat was not only awesome, but historic—the track became the first song in the history of Billboard to reach number one based solely on the strength of its radio airplay. The track peaked in the top five of multiple countries:

  1. United States – #1
  2. The Netherlands – #3
  3. Norway – #5
  4. United Kingdom – #5
  5. Germany – #5
  6. Belgium – #5

Watch the awesome music video below:

From the Vault: Beyonce Irreplaceable


To the left. To the left. Everything you own in the box to the left! If, you just sang that aloud—you’ll appreciate this weeks’ from the vault installment.

This weeks’ track From the Vault is a cut from Beyonce’s critically acclaimed sophomore album B’Day. Irreplaceable is the highest-charting and best-selling single from the album. In fact, the single went on to become the best-selling song of 2007—in the United States.

The single peaked at #1 on the Billboard hot 100—it occupied the #1 spot for a total of 10 weeks. The song has also been certified 3x platinum by the RIAA, and peaked in the top five of many countries internationally.


  1. United States – #1
  2. Australia – #1
  3. Hungary – #1
  4. Ireland – #1
  5. New Zealand – #1
  6. Canada – #2
  7. The Netherlands – #3
  8. United Kingdom – #4

The video has generated over 124M views since being uploaded on YouTube five years go. Relive 2007 by watching the video below:


Taylor Swift: Abandons Country Completely and Shakes Off Haters In New Video


Taylor pulled a fast one and attempted a Beyonce. The “former” country star surprised fans with a new video, album title, and cover art today. Swift went full on pop star in the new number – leaving all her country roots behind.

Her new album will be titled “1989“. This happens to also be the year in which the star was born. According to Swift, she’ll be channeling the 1980s throughout the album which is why she felt the need to name her album that. The record is due for a fourth quarter release, and the official date is: October 27th.

Taylor Album Covers

Swift went on to say that “1989” will be her first official pop album! You can pre-order “1989” on Swift‘s website beginning Monday night, assuming the site isn’t overloaded.

Watch the twerk friendly video below!

Taylor Swift



Charlamagne: Urges Nicki Minaj to Not Abandon Pop


During a recent interview with VLADTV, Charlamagne gave a quick review of Nicki Minaj‘s recent promotional single “Lookin A** Ni***” While he likes the record, he hopes that Nicki doesn’t only do “Street Records” for her new album.

He relives the most recent interview “The Breakfast Club” had with her at Power House, the star wouldn’t even allow them to say the word “Pop” around her.

The Golden Grenade’s Thoughts

Nicki and her team wants to place the blame of ‘Roman Reloaded‘s’ lack luster sales on her pop records. They believe the pop singles made her hip-hop fans not buy the album.

While part of that may be true, it was her team’s handling of the album that ultimately drove people away from the album.

Roman Reloaded has barely sold 900K since it’s 2012 release, while her debut album “Pink Friday” enjoyed sales just shy of 2M.

While Nicki Minaj was much more of a household name during the Roman Reloaded era, ultimately the album sold less than half of it’s predecessor.

The promotional campaign for her second album was a mess. The star waited until the week of release to promote her project, limiting herself to pick and chose media outlets when she could have hit them all, if she started promoting weeks before like her label mate “Drake

The album was originally slated for a February 14th release but was pushed back to a new date of “April 2nd“. Everyone knows that pushing back an album usually dampens the original hype.

In a sympathetic plea to fans, she released the album’s lead single “Starships” on February 14th instead. The star debuted the track on the Ryan Seacrest Show and the rest is history.

The single debuted in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100, where it stayed for 21 consecutive weeks, becoming the star’s best selling track to date.

With a song this massive why were the sales of it’s album so lack luster?

It’s because Minaj wasn’t consistent, ‘Starships‘ remains the only track from Reloaded that was promoted. The remaining singles released barely got any attention from Minaj and her camp, getting one or no commercial performance.

Minaj scheduled “Champion, Marilyn Monroe, Automatic, and Young Forever” as singles then scrapped them, many of which were fan favorites. Eventually the star stopped promoting the project, hoping a re-release could mend the deviation caused by Roman Reloaded‘s sloppy promotional campaign.

What Minaj should have done was take a page from Beyonce‘s “I AM Sasha Fierce” promotional campaign, a project that would have ran into the same problem if it weren’t presented properly.

First off, Roman Reloaded should have been a double disc album, separating the Pop and Hip-Hop elements.

Then, two the star should have released double singles. The two tracks would have be sent to radio at the same time promoting the album towards two different fan bases at the same time.

Then her hip-hops wouldn’t feel like she’s feeding them scraps like the did upon the release of both “Beez In The Trap and Right By My Side“.

Strategically it works, just as it did for Beyonce when she wanted to separate her Pop and R&B tunes.

If, Minaj focuses on quality over quantity this time around, this era could bring her even greater sales than that of “Pink Friday“. But, she has to promote her album, choose the right singles, promote those singles and strategically plan out this era.