August Alsina: Goes off on 106 & Park Host


If, you thought the days of R&B rivalry were over think again.

August Alsina and Trey Songz have ignited a feud. The friends turned enemies, beef started over alleged show.

Their short bro-mance started when Trey made a guest appearance on Alsina’s remix of “I Luv This Shit.”According to August, when it was time to do a show together, Trey’s ego got way too big for the 21-year-old and he just couldn’t handle his “fakeness.” Apparently Alsina has grown tired of explaining their short lived friendship, so he asked the hosts of “106 & Park” not to bring it up.

But, host Keshia still decided to ask because it’s what “fans wanted to know”. But, this prompted an unusual response from

“So you just gon’ go against the grain and just go against everything that I just… I just told y’all not to ask me that shit when I got up in here.”

Keshia wasn’t satisfied with his answer so she continued digging, but Alsina “swerved”her question and coninued promoting his debut album “Testimony”.
Check out the full interview below:

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