Lady Gaga: ARTPOP Rises From The Dead

Lady Gaga‘s ARTPOP has somehow managed to resurrect itself from the dead. The LP hasn’t shifted much since the top of the year, but somehow last week it managed to push 6K units in the US. This upward spiral managed to lift the LP 50+ spots on the iTunes “Album Chart”.

ARTPOP has managed to sell only 685K units, since its 2013 release.

The question remains, how has the LP managed to rise from the dead? While most fans thought the star’s third single “G.U.Y” lifted the album, it did not.

G.U.Y made its first Billboard Hot 100 appearance this week, after the release of its music video last week (this video has generated 26M views).

Even with the assisted video, the track continues to tumble down the iTunes chart.


So, how is this LP gaining steam on the charts when its current single is performing so poorly?

There are two reasons why many believe the sudden boost emerged, discounts and payola.

After, the 99cent discount that made Born This Way a spectacle, Gaga has been hailed as the Queen of discounted albums. And she has yet again discounted her album.

You can now find the star’s album on iTunes for just $9.99


If, you went onto iTunes recently you would have noticed something quite odd, under the ‘New Releases’ section.

It’s there you would find Lady Gaga’s “ARTPOP” being promoted as a “New Release“. How is it that a 2013 album manged to sneak its way onto the list in 2014?


Is it a coincidence that right after Gaga slashed the price of her album that her album is being promoted as a new release?

iTunes for the past few years has been accused for accepting payments to promote artist’s work. So, the question then becomes did Gaga‘s camp pay iTunes for this advertisement?

Some Twitter users even panned the star for the alleged Payola.


Do you think she used Payola? Let us know below.


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