Nicki Minaj: Releases Promotional Video for Album Title


Anyone that has followed Nicki‘s career knows that she’s full of surprises. Today, the rap star released the promotional video for upcoming album “The Pink Print“.

The star unleashed “Lookin Ass Nigga” without declaring it as an official single — so were sure the song won’t appear on her upcoming album.

While many sites are quoting the song as her new single, the video itself states “Rise Of An Empire” as its album — which just happens to be the title of the upcoming Young Money compilation. So, we here at the Golden Grenade feel the video was just a nice way of announcing the album’s title.

As you may know, Nicki likes speaking in code to her fans and finds pleasure in them riddling it out — to us this is just another riddle.

If you take a look back at the way she’s geared up for previous albums you notice a pattern — promotional singles. She never releases the “Lead Single” without releasing at least one promotional track first.

2010’s Pink Friday: The promotional single used was “Massive Attack“.

2012’s Roman Reloaded: Had multiple promotional singles “Roman In Moscow“, “Stupid Hoe“, and finally “Roman Reloaded” before “Starships” was released as the Lead Single.

There is also another pattern — many of her promotional singles never make the album so why should this be any different? The star has a way of creating a huge buzz around a new album — most times by the use of promotional singles and we believe she’s sticking to her team’s strategic technique.

Check out the fiery promotional video below:

*Wigs Snatched*



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