Azealia Banks Claims She’s “The Best Female In Hip-Hop”


In honor of Throwback Thursday, Azealila Banks wanted to remind us how she earned the small amount of buzz she does have — by engaging in another twitter rant of course.

The rapper went on to say that she is “The Best Female In Hip-Hop” while suggesting that she could produce rhymes that could also dominate her male counter-parts.

The soon to be “has been” went on to explain that this new batch of female rappers are still doing the “post-nicki minaj thing”, while she has “her own voice” — thus making her somehow “better” than the rest.


These claims come from a female MC whose buzz died down following her “2011” single ‘212‘.

212‘ remains the best selling and most talked about track from the MC, yet the track didn’t crack the Billboard Hot 100.

Her EP ‘1991‘ never made any impact on the charts either, the sales are floating somewhere around 29K — to date. These sales are abysmal, considering she had one of the most buzzed about singles of 2011 — not to mention the video for ‘212‘ garnered over 60M views.

So, what happened?

The main reason why Azealia’s career has been at a standstill is because of her none stop twitter beefs. The rookie has beefed with the likes of: Rita Ora, Kreyshawn, Lady Gaga, Perez Hilton, Angel Haze, Iggy Azalea, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Pharrell and most recently her own label “Universal“.


Banks‘ is the child in the supermarket throwing temper tantrums until she gets what she wants — her tantrums just happen to appear all over twitter.

She wants our attention, but it seems as if Azealia wants the attention of reigning rap Queen Nicki Minaj even more. But, Nicki won’t even acknowledge her presence.

During their supposed “twitter beef” Nicki never spoke her name, she refused to be used as a pun in Azealia‘s quest to relevancy. She merely tweeted “Man these bitches delirious” (Lyrics from her song Come On A Cone).

Screen shot 2012-07-31 at 5.11.16 PM_png_630x637_q85

In Azealia‘s defense, she is one of the few new female rappers who hasn’t tried to tailor her career path based on Nicki‘s success. But, has she produced any music worthy of the title “Best Female in Hip-Hop”?

Azealia hasn’t produced anything that surpasses any Nicki mixtape or her debut album ‘Pink Friday’.

The fading star has yet to even craft a single better than her closest competitor Iggy AzaleaIggy‘s ‘Work‘ demolishes every effort put forth by Banks.

Honestly, until Azealia can produce something that surpasses “Beam Me Up Scotty” her ballad for the crown of female hip-hop can’t even be taken seriously.

I’m going to give Bit*** a time to shine then tell em good riddance! – Nicki Minaj



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  1. I totally agree! IGGY make wayyy better music than that big mouthed h** Azealia Banks! I can hardly understand what shes saying mos of the time!


  2. I actually like azealia. But don’t I think she’s better than any of the other girls. She’s my personal favorite. I know everyone hates on her and says I can’t understand her but that’s because they only listened ONCE! Anyway I hope she goes far!


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