Congratulations Are In Order: Drizzy Drake Snags Number One Spot!


This week we’ve seen Drake capture the number one spot, on the Billboard Top 200. Making it Drake‘s third time topping the chart.

Drake debuted this week with sales of 659,000. Giving ‘Nothing Was The Same‘ the highest rap debut of the year.

Nothing Was The Same‘ has also scored the second highest first week of overall albums this year. Only behind Justin Timberlake‘s 20/20 Experience part one, whose sales totaled a massive 950K.

Drake remains the only rapper besides his mentor Lil Wayne to surpass the 500,000 mark in first week sales. So, we all tip our hats to you Drake and all of your main stream success.

Check out the rapper’s current singles ‘All Me‘ and ‘Hold On Were Going Home‘ after the jump.




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  1. I love drake! All me is better than the other song. He NEED A SONG WIT BEY THO TBH!


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