Rihanna: Releases Pour It Up Video!



Finally, Rihanna has unleashed the ‘Pour It Up’ video. Move aside Miley, Rihanna has come to show you how a real woman twerks.

After the release of the video today, Rihanna has gotten a lot of hateful tweets and articles written about her. Many calling her a whore because of the video’s theme.

While we here at the Golden Grenade really don’t understand where all of this came from, just last week everyone was excited about the video. Many called the video too risque, but what do you expected when the first line of the song is “strip clubs and dollar bills?” That alone should have told people what the video’s theme would be.

Within a matter of 10 minutes this video was banned from almost every television network. The only way to watch the video originally, was by YouTube, who at one point blocked the video as well.

The world originally thought VEVO had followed suite and decided to blocked the video, but that’s not entirely true. In fact, according to VEVO they never received the video and would be happy to show the video.


Until VEVO makes the video available on their website, we can watch the recently unblocked version on YouTube below.




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