Big Sean’s Sophomore Effort Sells Less Than Debut Album


The first week sales are in and ‘Hall of Fame‘ has sold 72,000 copies. Slightly lower than his previous album ‘Finally Famous‘ which sold 87,000 copies first week.

One might say that there’s really not much difference, but for a star of Sean’s stature, it matters.

Hall of Fame‘ however, is a great album and can be played without skipping.

But What stopped this album from selling? It wasn’t an error he made musically, it was the many errors made in promotion.

One, he packed all promotion tactics into the albums opening week. Statically albums that begin promotion first week, flop. So this was already strike one.

Two, Sean didn’t chose the right singles to best represent this album. A single, more specifically a lead single is suppose to be a representation of the whole album. Its suppose to say “Yo, this what my album will sound like”.

Sean didn’t do that, he chose to go with singles like ‘Guap‘ ‘Fire‘ and ‘Beware‘. None of which has garnered much traction among fans and have yet to make any impact on the charts.

None of these singles can attest to the success of his previous lead single ‘My Last‘. Inevitably showing that the public were not interested in these songs.

What should have been his lead single was ‘You Don’t Know‘ featuring Ellie Goulding. The songs commercial enough to be played on Top40, while also being “hood” enough to be played on urban radio stations.

‘You don’t Know’ is potentially a huge hit, and if released earlier it would have raised people’s awareness of the album. Giving Sean a much bigger platform to promote from.

Sean attempted similar tactic by having Miley Cyrus in the ‘Fire’ video. But even with Cyrus’s cameo it wasn’t enough to get the song, off the ground.

With all this being said, where were his hip hop fans? Why didn’t they buy? What was really missing?

The answer is ‘Control‘. ‘Control‘ was the album’s only buzzing single. But it went missing from the official track listing.

Due to clearance issues the song had to be pulled from the album. Leaving many hip hop fans angry and less willing to support the project.

The Kendrick Lamar assisted track had the potential to be as big as ‘Dance A$$‘ (Sean‘s only top ten hit).

But unfortunately without ‘Control‘ the anticipation for this project declined.





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