Katy Perry Triumphs Over Gaga: Roar > Applause


The true Cinderella story has always been Katy Perry. Although Gaga has the Grammys, Katy has always had the hits. Katy continues to make tunes that the people love and adore. As Gaga struggles to keep the public interested.

As many anti Katy Cats like to point out, Katy has yet to receive a Grammy. But Katy does in fact have the  #1’s of a legend. In fact, Katy is the only act besides Micheal Jackson to obtain 5 #1’s from one album. Making every Teenage Dream and The Complete Confection single a world wide success.

While on the other hand, every single released from Gaga’s Born This Way began to flop harder and harder, until she was scared to release another one, until now. And yet again Gaga is struggling to chart, even with her power promotion and accompanying music video…


While Katy has claimed the top spot with hardly and promotion and guess what NO ACCOMPANYING video! So Katy has claimed the new one spot yet again with sale predictions topping the 550K mark. While ‘Applause’ is schedule to sale half of that with a measly 220-250K.



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