Lady Gaga: Drops New Video for ‘Applause’


So today Lady Gaga has dropped the first video from her upcoming studio album ‘Art Pop’. Unlike it’s title this track does not deserve, yet in fact a round of ‘Applause‘. 

Being that this is her third studio album one would have thought she would come with something a bit stronger to say the least, as her lead single. It’s probably equally as awful as the demo for ‘Aura‘ we heard released last week.

One thing I would like to point out is this… The crazy outfits and kooky videos, that originally made Gaga popular is now nothing more than just a page in pop culture history books. No one’s interested in that anymore.

And Gaga‘s counter parts (Katy Perry, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj) know this and have now taken on a more classic and casual look for their videos. It may seem as if Gaga messed the memo and is the only star who arrived to the kooky convention, that was canceled. So there she is dancing. Alone. On the kooky convention’s dance floor with no one around to hear ‘Applause‘.

So its no wonder as to why Gaga‘s new song isn’t doing spectacular on the charts despite being put into heavy rotation on radio alongside her heavy promo. Even with her appearance on GMA this morning the song now sits at number 7 on the US iTunes charts and is doing even worse on the UK charts.


With all that being said the video was great! Not as Iconic nor catchy as ‘Bad Romance‘ but great none the less. And if this video had indeed been released during the Kooky and Crazy era, critics would be calling it phenomenal. But because it doesn’t live up to the more simple and classic standard of music videos today their calling it ‘Lack Luster‘ and ‘Typical Gaga‘. You be the judge and



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