R.I.P Trayvon Martin: Florida’s Racist Judicial System


Just as we thought America’s judicial system couldn’t get any worse, Zimmerman was set free. And his deeds go unpunished and a huge injustice served down our throats. As we watched the Zimmerman trail go on for well over a year we knew deep down inside that Trayvon wouldn’t get justice.  Lets have a closer look at Florida’s previous unjust judicial decisions.

Two words Casey Anthony. A clearly crazed mother killed her child and the deed again goes unpunished. With all of the evidence pointing against her she remained not guilty in the eyes of Florida’s legal system.


Case Two:  Marissa Alexander of Jacksonville FL: Sentenced to 20 year for firing Warning Shots. Again, WARNING SHOTS! And under the same ‘Stand Your Ground Law’ she tried to defend her reasoning for firing her weapon. In the same state. Under the same law jurisdiction did they find her guilty and sentenced to 20 years. Even though the shots fired hit not one individual.


Now, what’s the main differences between these three cases? Race. As much as anyone would like to say that race had nothing to do with it. It would be intellectually stupid to deny the racial undertone of all three cases. As much as we would like to believe that we live in a color blind society, we do not. Rest In Peace Trayvon Martin.



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