Jay Z Album Review: Bow Down to Holy Grail

ImageWhat makes this album is production hands down. Every beat was chosen closely and carefully. Its actually reminiscent of the Watch The Throne album. In comparison to Kanye’s new album Magna Carta is a gift from the gods!

Although, lyrically the album could have been better. One of the standout songs in the album was ‘Fuck with me you know you I got it’. It was a standout but not in a good way, one could easily forget that you were listening to Jay’s album and not something from ‘God Forgives, I Don’t‘ (Rick Ross’s album for those who didn’t know).

This album overall is again reminiscent of Watch The Throne and gives off an empty vibe. The one thing missing is KANYE! After every Hov verse I was waiting and listening for Kanye to come and steal the show, and not to disappoint any of you but no, Kanye did not make an appearance! But the many appearances by Beyonce and her angelic vocals were quite enjoyable and made up for it.

One disturbing similarity about both Yeezus and Holy Grail is the way Hov and Kanye keep referring to the them selves as Gods. If judging my their net worth’s its easy to see why they would consider themselves Gods in comparison to the everyday man or woman.

Although at times you could easily forget this was a HOV album because of his many disappearances and the fact he gets overshadowed by many of his features. Overall, this album was a solid rap album. And I could listen to it thoroughly multiple without skipping, which is hard to say about albums today. Congrats Jay on another hit album!

Highlights: Holy Grail, Tom Ford, FUTW,  Crown, On The Run (Part II)

Least Favorite: Picasso Baby



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