Nicki Minaj Album Review: The Highly Underrated! Re-Up!


From the moment I turned on the Re-Up, I knew it’s production would far surpass that of ‘Roman Reloaded‘.

From lyrics, production and the flowing of the tracks, everything was new and improved. Overall, the disc seem to be less rushed than ‘Reloaded‘.

As a fan of hip-hop I would have to say that this album was definitely underrated.

The bars Minaj spit in ‘Up In Flames’, showed she was back with a vengeance and had something to prove. The track swiping back at her haters critics that once called her a Pop act.


Although better than ‘Reloaded’ what ‘The Re-Up’ lacked was potential hits.

‘Freedom’ being somewhat too slow to be played on POP stations and not urban enough to be fully supported by urban radio. The single was doomed from the start.

Although, lyrically better than most songs played on urban radio today, the slow-fulness of the song hindered the song from impacting the charts.

Then we have ‘The Boys‘, which also should have not been placed as a single. ‘The Boys‘ was the only song I was not pleased with.

It could have been the obnoxious and over auto tuned voice of Cassie or the vagueness of the lyrics itself. Unlike ‘Freedom‘, ‘The Boys‘ had no true message to give to listeners which may have turned many of them away.

Honestly, Minaj should have sang the hook herself, it would have sounded a lot better.

The video used for the single was dope to say the least! Many watched the video and failed to purchase the song or request it on radio.

Overall, this was a good re-release. I would give it 6/10. Better than Reloaded but not better than the original ‘Pink Friday’.

Highlights: Up In Flames, Freedom, High School, Va Va Voom

Least Favorite: The Boys

Before Releasing The Third Album:

1.Lyrical Content: She needs to start rapping with a purpose again. She need to tell her story rather than rapping about WINNING and these bitches being her sons! Nicki, We need something New, Amazing and Fresh!

2. Choosing the Right Singles:  She needs to research radio more. She needs to choose singles that radio will support, instead of picking fan favorites. Fans are only going to buy so much after already purchasing the album, she needs to grab the casual listener.

3. Promotion:

Album Promotion: She needs to roll-out a full on marketing campaign for this next album. You can’t have a great album and no promotion, nor can you create a marketing that will convince the public to buy a crappy album — they go hand-and-hand. She also needs to stop waiting until the last minute to promote the album. With Roman Reloaded she waited until the week of release to promote, with “The Re-Up” the promo machine was even messier — basically promoting everything in one day (hence why in almost all the interviews she did for it, she had on the same outfit).

A album takes time to promote, she needs to get the wheels churning and start promoting at least a month in advance, and then kick her promotion into overdrive the week of release.

 Single Promotion: Nicki hasn’t fully promoted a single since ‘Starships‘. Tweeting on twitter isn’t enough! She needs to go and perform those singles as often as possible.

4. Dope Album Cover: Packaging is EVERYTHING! Roman Reloaded nor the Re-Up covers did their respective albums justice. She needs to grab GL Wood again, or some other professional photographer.

5. Get Rid Of The Yes People: It seems as if Nicki has let a lot of yes people inside her camp. She needs people who will tell her the truth and not just what she wants to hear.

IF Onika does this, her third album could easily top Pink Friday‘s first week and overall sales. One, she’s a more established artist, she just needs an album that identifies with not just her fans but also the casual listener.

With ‘Roman Reloaded‘ she alienated the rest of the world by only focusing on her core fans, if an artist expects to sale they can’t focus on only one demographic.

If these things are done she will return to her former glory on the charts, the same charts that seen her have 7 singles chart at once.

Celebrate the One Year Anniversary of ‘The Re-Up‘ by watching the video for freedom below.



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