Ciara Album Review: Self Entitled Surpasses Fantasy Ride and Basic Instinct


As the title reads Ciara managed to surpass her past two albums musically and put out a somewhat solid album.  Although, Ciara’s new album is pretty decent it still could have been better and doesn’t triumph over some of her earlier work; Goodies, The Evolution, etc.

The main problem I have with this album is that just like your jelly filled doughnut from Dunkin, it’s filled with fillers! The album only has a few stand out songs (that I will later highlight). It doesn’t live up to the hype that made us excited for the album. After the Body Party that Ciara threw for us there was no wonder why she chose I’m out as the second single, the album has no more potential hits! So, in true diva fashion she chugged up the deuce and bounced!

Overall, I really wish Ciara had did more research as to what radio is looking for before releasing this album but I wish her the best! Whispers *She’ll sell over 30K this time*

Highlights: I’m Out, Livin’ It Up, Body Party, Where You Go, Read My Lips

* BUT her performances has been snatching wigs! So RIP to all the snatched wigs! Image


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